The bar for health, fitness and wellness tech has been raised once again. CNET’s Next Big Thing panel at CES 2018 featured new technology in self care, elderly care, health monitoring, lifestyle and sleep, and fitness. The following is a list of the top items to help consumers of all ages live healthier lives at any age.

Sensio Air

Allergies seem to plague the majority of people whether you’re inside or outside. The Sensio Air tracks grass, mold, pollen and dust particles inside your home. When your allergies start to act up, track your symptoms via the corresponding app. The app connects with 220 sensors placed all over the world and measures environmental conditions like pollution and weather. The app then uses all of the data you enter to alert you when your allergy symptoms or air quality will bother you.

L’Oreal UV Sense

This tiny little battery-free device helps measure UV exposure and helps cut down on someone’s chance of getting skin cancer.  The 2mm thick 9mm in diameter sensor is sticks to a fingernail, sunglasses or anything else exposed to light. The UV Sense works with an accompanying app and allows you to determine the best times to be out in the sun.

Somnox Robot Pillow

This snuggly pillow which is actually disguised as a robot is equipped with an accelerometer, audio sensor and carbon dioxide sensor. Crawl into bed at night and snuggle up to this little robot and you will start to feel it expand and contract to simulate breathing. The pillow will help you start to relax and fall asleep. The pillow was designed to help people who have trouble falling asleep at night and cut down the need to take sleeping pills.

Nokia Sleep

The Nokia Sleep is a wifi mat that tucks right under your mattress and tracks your sleeping patterns. The mat tracks how long you sleep, how restful the sleep was, and your snoring patterns and then sends the data to a corresponding app on your smartphone. It then gives recommendations on improving your sleeping for a more restful nights sleep.

Omron HeartGuide

This fitness tracker has a secret, it’s got a built in blood pressure cuff in the watch band. The extra stiff band inflates for manual blood pressure readings like what is used in the doctor’s office. The watch can take manual readings but can also be programmed to take readings at night to test for hypertension and the wears risk of a stroke while sleeping. The watch is currently undergoing clinical trials and will hopefully be submitted to the FDA later this year.