Selling consulting services isn’t always easy. Luckily, there is a plethora of advice in print and online that is geared toward the aspiring salesperson. Like every profession, sales have niches. What should a person who specifically sells consulting focus on?


Authenticity Is Key

When people sit down to think about sales, what do they think of? They might think of a really polished, put-together professional who dresses well and wears the latest suit. Some other things that come to mind are usually speaking skills and the art of conversation. Sales isn’t an easy profession, and those who work in this industry usually have a lot of energy and drive.


But some experienced consulting salespeople will note that that isn’t really what matters when it comes to selling consulting. What matters to some of the most experienced salespeople in consulting is authenticity.


Attitude is Everything

When people sell consulting services, they are asking for a lot of trust. People automatically tend to distrust nervous people and negative people. So, many authorities in sales for consulting will tell sellers to be extra positive and to stay confident, even if they don’t feel like the sales are coming to them easily.


First Things First

Always keep in mind that the sale is the priority. Even though small talk and jokes are entertaining, they will only build so much rapport. A better tactic than tons of small talk is to make sure that the client notes the seller’s focus on the sale.


People often have tons of questions when it comes to pending sales, especially when they are trusting an expert. Given the cost of consulting, it’s important to give people plenty of time to ask questions. They may not get to them if the seller keeps the witty banter going too long.


Staying authentic is an art, and it doesn’t come easily every day. Many people work at mindfulness for years before they really understand what it means to be authentic. But for sales purposes, the important thing about being authentic is to dress, talk, and act like yourself. People are more likely to trust someone who comes across as honest and doesn’t look like they are playing dress-up.