Frank Michelin

Medical Supplies Consultant


Frank Michelin is an experienced consultant in the medical supplies industry.

Previous Experience:

CEO: Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”) Provider Diabetic.  Turnaround effort which saw patient base growth from a few thousand to 40,000, and from a money losing operation to profitable.

Industry Research and Analysis Consultant:  Designed Financial Models and drafted Business Plans for entering and capitalizing on the opportunities furnishing DME supplies, with focus on diabetics, to medicare beneficiaries.

In 2010, after identifying investors and raising capital for one of his clients, the investor group nominated Frank to the position of Co-Chief Operations Officer managing day to day activities of the company.  To resolve business differences the other Co-Chief resigned, leaving Michelin solely in charge of running the company.

Michelin facilitated strong growth through executive leadership and implementing advance IT solutions to guide the company’s growth.

At the time when Medicare introduced Competitive Bidding for diabetic supplies, the Company opted to sell the patient base and other assets to a competitor.  A deal was struck with investors leaving Frank sole owner of the resulting business entity.

Today, Frank Michelin provides consulting and customer support/call center services to medical supplies and related companies in the United States. As an outsource company, Frank focuses on the elderly. For Frank, the most rewarding aspect of his career has been the knowledge that he is helping the elderly. Furthermore, Michelin appreciates the interaction and relationships that he has developed with people; employees, vendors, and clients.


Financial Analysis/Consulting

  • Cash Flow forecasting and analysis
  • Pro Forma Financial Statement preparation
  • Financial Risk Models
  • Assessing business risk and setting fair market enterprise value geared toward investor presentations
  • Assist in the connection to and negotiation with Capital Funding Companies

General Corporate Consulting

  • Researching and determining target vendor relationships
  • Devise and implementation of Marketing Plan
  • Manage Vendor relationships, such as negotiate pricing, terms and delivery, acceptance/payment for goods/services

Legal/Contractual Review

  • Create legal documents such as Asset Purchase Agreements and Promissory Notes
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Review Corporate Compliance Manual
  • Implement Compliance structure


Apart from his career, Frank Michelin is deeply passionate about raising his children. As a single parent, Michelin strives to spend as much time with his kids as possible. Frank also spends a great deal of time exercising and following an array of sports. Frank is an avid runner and occasionally  participates in yoga, boxing, skiing, and hockey. He enjoys following professional Hockey, Baseball and Football, and to a lesser degree, Soccer and Basketball. Overall, Michelin is interested in personal athletic achievements and so he follows the careers of athletes in F1, Downhill Skiing, and some Olympic Sports.

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