Having a parent who takes medication is stressful for anyone. However, imagine trying to manage a parent who has severe memory loss and can’t remember when they last took their medication. Adults all over the world struggle with making sure their parents stick to the plans their doctors set, and it can be incredibly difficult if their parents live far away. Luckily for these individuals, TabSafe is an easy way to help parents stay on track with their medication.

What is TabSafe?

TabSafe is an innovative medication dispenser that helps older adults keep track of their pills. With physical and audible cues, TabSafe has a more focused way to alert people that it is time to take their medicine. Comparatively, weekly pill cases do not have alerts, while many alarms are placed far from living areas and may not be heard. The TabSafe eliminates these problems completely.

How does it work?

TabSafe has three components: the pill trays, the machine, and the website. Each machine can hold 4 pill trays at a time, with nearly 20 sections per tray. Simply portion the medication, place the trays into the machine, and hook it up to a phone line. The machine must then be programmed to distribute pills at the correct times, which the user can do on the website. At the programmed times, the TabSafe will blink a green light and beep. The user can opt to set a PIN code, which must be entered before pills are released; otherwise, they only need to press a button. The pills are released on a small tray in a cup. The user can take the cup out, take their pills, put the cup back and push the drawer shut. It’s simple!

Should you buy it?

Although TabSafe is a great addition to many people’s homes, it is not right for everyone. The manufacturer has limitations on amount of pills, pill size, and suggests not using the machine for halved medication. If your loved one must frequently take many pills, large pills, or split pills, I would suggest speaking with the company about your options. If you do not have these problems, however, TabSafe may be a good choice. I would definitely suggest looking into it if your parent lives far away, or if you are not able to keep up with reminder phone calls.

TabSafe is a fantastic innovation to the medication marketplace. Although its design is simple, it has potential to save many lives and improve quality of life for individuals who consistently forget their medicine. Although every good option comes with downsides, such as cost and insurance acceptance, TabSafe is worth looking into. Next time you make that 4pm phone call to remind Mom to take her pills, add on a conversation about TabSafe as well.