CPAP machines are able to help patients struggling with Sleep Apnea breathe effortlessly while they sleep at night. This therapeutic device is very important to the health of patients who suffer from Sleep Apnea, which is why it’s important for them to know the best brands out there.

Patients will be advised to take the time to find the right CPAP device for them and to look for the features and benefits of the machine before purchasing it. Once the patient has undergone a sleeping test and their doctor is able to inform them the exact type of device they need, these are the top five CPAP brands to consider:

Resmed AirMini Travel

Known for its incredibly small size, the Resmed AirMini Travel is perfect for anyone who is a traveler. Sometimes travel can be difficult when a CPAP machine has to be drag along. Thankfully, Resmed AirMini Travel is the smallest CPAP machine in the world, making it perfect for travel. Weighing under a pound, it can fit in a small bag or even a large pocket. It also comes with an app to help monitor sleep. The device is very quiet with trusted air pressure algorithms. It will also fit with F20, N20 series and AirFit P 10 masks.

IntelliPAP Standard Plus with SmartFlex

Many CPAP users will complain about having to breathe against the pressure coming from the CPAP. When using the IntelliPAP with integrated SmartFlex technology eliminates this issue completely. The SmartFlex is an respiratory pressure relief feature and reduces pressure to be gentler upon exhalation. It also has a Mask Alert feature for patients who move around a lot in their sleep. The machine will send an alert if the mask ever falls from their face so it can be readjusted. The IntelliPAP is perfect for active sleepers because it also has smart slip-resistant pads to keep it resistant from any accidental spills or falls.

Philips Respironics

As one of the newest CPAP machines offered by Phillips, Philips Respironics is a very user-friendly and compact device. On the main screen displays the user’s sleep data, which can then be downloaded to an SD card or the app that comes with it. When using the machine, the oxygen adjusts to their breathing throughout the night. Patients also have the option of attaching a heated humidifier and a heated tube to regulate the temperature of the air through passageways and also minimize rain-out.

AirSense 10 AutoSet

This is another auto-adjust CPAP machine that is built for comfort and peace of mind. The AIrSense 10 AutoSet has Bluetooth connectivity, adjusts to the pressure of a patient’s breathing, comes with a AutoRamp feature/sleep onset detection, EPR-Expiratory Pressure Relief, and Easy-Breathe technology. This device is advanced enough to detect Sleep Apnea events such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

RemStar Plus C-Flex

Another small and compact CPAP device is the RemStar Plus C-Flex. This advanced device is great for patients who like to travel and is able to provide pressure relief for the most comfortable sleep possible. The C-flex technology of the device lowers the pressure when exhaling during sleep so the patient breathes out against a gentle pressure. The device then turns the pressure higher while the patient inhales so the patient receives the correct treatment for the Sleep Apnea.